Who is behind Jeno Photography?

Meet Jeno alias Johnson

Jeno is NOT unique. 

He is your average next door guy who slept through four years of engineering and suddenly realized his life’s calling when he got hold of a DSLR camera. He is the silent guardian who accompanies you on all your adventures. He is the unsung hero behind all your pictures on Instagram and Facebook.. 

If you are not unique, then why should we hire you?

Good question! 

Because my pictures are not about me but about YOU and YOU ONLY. 

You are unique. You might be insignificant in the greater scheme of things. But you are what that matters at your occasion. Not the grandeur. Not the costumes. Just YOU. My lens and my pictures try to tell your story and not mine. 

I’m not a big fan of poses. You don’t have to smile in scorching sun just because the lighting is good. You will not have to pose like kissing while I set up a rose in the background. I promise not to do that

Special moments are mixed with emotions. I get it. You’re excited, tired, frustrated and overjoyed – all at the same time. I want you to be you and I’ll capture your moments in the best possible way.


"I had contacted Jeno Photography for my wedding. I had come across his work through my colleague and loved it. His immediate response and him coming in person to show his work was the first thing that made me trust his dedication. Right from Haldi,Shukrana,Nikkah and Vidaai - the videos and photos were just work of art. He captured every moment and brought it to life and made it something that I and my family will cherish for the rest of our lives. I didn’t have to brief him about whom the people were or to whom to capture or what were the important moments of the ceremony. He just flawlessly captured everything very humbly and naturally. His team was fabulous and very comfortable to be around. They let us be ourselves with the camera and captured it. The albums were also beautifully and carefully designed well with beautiful editing. I have started recommending Jeno Photography to everyone I know. Thank you Jeno and team for everything and I mean it 😊"

-Naazia Gafoor



“Excellent photography for my Son's marriage. Covered all the moments and when we see the results, we were all truly amazed. Every photo is cherishable. Intelligent and instantaneously creative.
On a lighter note, The team left us a paramount task of selecting hundreds of photos for Album out of thousands.. "How could we pick 13 cards if all 52 were jokers"..
Way to go.. Deserved every penny that we spent.”